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10 Reasons to Add Your Business

  1. New Customers - When choosing between two brands of equal quality and price, 90% of U.S. shoppers are likely to switch to a product supporting a cause.
  2. Business Differentiation - When quality and price is equivalent, social purpose is the #1 deciding factor for shoppers.
  3. New Generation Appeal - 64% of shoppers say simply giving money away isn't enough; they want businesses to integrate social impact directly into their business models.
  4. Consumers are Listening - 88% of Americans want to hear about businesses' social responsibility.
  5. Customer Loyalty – 90% of consumers are more loyal to businesses backing a cause.
  6. Image – 93% of consumers have a more positive image of a business that support a cause.
  7. Word of Mouth – 72% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand that supports a cause over one that doesn't.
  8. Influence - 52% of shoppers worldwide check product labels before buying to ensure the brand is committed to positive social and environmental impact.
  9. Tangible Impact - 58% of Americans say it's more important to have a tangible impact on an issue than be familiar with the organization they are supporting.
  10. Business Strategy - 97% of marketing executives believe cause marketing is a valid business strategy.
  11. (data from Edleman Good Purpose, CauseGood, and Cone Communications Research)
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