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CAUSEcards are a fun and easy way to show our local community love, supporting both nonprofits and local businesses at the same time!

CAUSEcards benefit all local nonprofits: Schools, Teams, Youth Organizations, Churches, Missions, Outreach, Health, Animals, and more...

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Nonprofit groups print order forms and take orders for CAUSEcards.

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My Funding Alliance will come to your next meeting to answer any questions and pick up orders; please call or text My Funding Alliance with any questions at any time.


My Funding Alliance will contact your representative upon order completion, usually 5-7 days, so CAUSEcards can be distributed and enjoyed!
CAUSEcards are redeemed at face value at any one of the merchants displayed on the card; an additional 5% of its face value goes directly to your cause upon CAUSEcard purchase.

Support YOUR Community

STRENGTHEN LOCAL ECONOMY! Each dollar spent at local shops returns 3x more money to local economy than if spent at a chain (almost 50x more than buying from an online retailer).

BUILD COMMUNITY! The casual encounters enjoyed at local shops build relationships and community cohesiveness.

CREATE A HEALTHIER ENVIRONMENT! Local shops create less traffic and air pollution.

LOWER TAXES! Local shops put less demand on roads, sewers, and safety services and generate more tax revenue.

GET REAL VALUE FOR YOURSELF! Local shops beat chain stores in customer satisfaction (and often save you money).

INCREASE WEALTH OF RESIDENTS! Local shops generate lasting impact on the prosperity of organizations and residents.

CREATE JOBS AND OPPORTUNITIES! Local shops employ more people; they also use local printers, accountants, farms, etc., expanding opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

GIVE BACK TO YOUR COMMUNITY! Local shops donate more than 2x as much to local nonprofits compared to big businesses.

Reprinted from Buy Local, Eat Local, Go Local; for complete article visit

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